June 8, 2021

Water Damaged Carpet Repair Perth

Water damage happening due to natural or manmade elements is an emergency. It has the capability to destroy buildings, apartments and the very elements that make the structure livable. Similarly, damage happening to carpets due to such emergencies is serious too. Handling it immediately does not just bring down the impact of impurities hitting the house but also keep the components of the building structure intact. The walls, flooring, columns etc. also take a lot of damage due to high humidity caused by the excess gushing water. Getting the water damaged carpets repaired or cleaned by a professional comes with its own complexities. Wasting even a day or trying to do it yourself with the help of the world wide web is dangerous.

Water damage restoration has to be carried out with a systematic and step-by-step approach. That is essential to eradicate all stains and smells and keep the germs and microbes from coming back in the future. We at Fix Carpet Repair Perth are licensed to undertake water damage restoration and water damaged carpet repair across localities in Perth. Our water damage restoration team has due certifications and licenses to carry out this work and they function 24’*7.

Services We Offer

• Carpet Cleaning

• Wet Carpet Restoration

• Water Damage Restoration

• Flood Damage Restoration

• Carpet Repair

• Timber Floor Drying

• Mould Removal

• Sewage Cleaning

• Carpet Torn Repair

Water Damaged Carpet Repair or Restoration Process

1. Complete assessment – our water damage restoration specialists assess the affected and non-affected areas and check for any safety hazards and remove them. Any household items that can be salvaged are taken out by them. The extent of contamination is identified with the help of specialized moisture meters and cameras.

2. Cost estimation – the whole scope of work and the costs that could be incurred is computed by our water restoration team. The time taken by the whole area to dry is also estimated and communicated to the customer.

3. Water extraction and mould removal – Excess water content accumulated inside the carpets and flooring is extracted using high-tech devices. The carpets are likely to develop brown, black or green coloured fungus which is prevented to grow. That is done by the application of antimicrobial chemicals on all the surfaces and cracks.

4. Wet carpet drying and stain removal – High-power drying equipment and dehumidifiers are used for drying the carpet perfectly. Every trace of moisture is removed from the carpet, subfloor and the inner areas of the carpets. Water damaged carpets have brown stains left by the water. They are removed as well with the help of chemicals.

5. Tracking of moisture – Our technicians leave the dehumidifiers and dryers at your place for tracking moisture and keeping the humidity levels in check. The instruments notify us when the last drop of moisture is taken out. After which, steam cleaning is carried out, for removing any residual germs and bacteria still present on the carpet.

6. Reporting – A detailed report is presented to you that contains all the details of the water restoration that was carried out and that can be passed onto the insurance company for claims.

Classification of Water Damage

Class 1: This type of class does not have any effect on the carpet as moisture absorption rate is low.

Class 2: This category of water damage loss causes the whole room or carpet to be affected and the rate of evaporation is also comparatively faster.

Class 3: In this category water damage destroys roofs, insulation, flooring, carpets, electrical circuits, etc

Class 4: This category of water damage involves where substances with low percolation power get damaged due to the flooding.

Why Choose us?

 Fix Carpet Repair Perth is a master water restorer with multiple decades of experience. We provide water damaged carpet repair and carpet cleaning solutions when you are faced with any natural or manmade calamity.

1. We function round the clock and hence we provide emergency services to our clients facing a water damage problem immediately.

2. Our water damage restoration experts are specialists and understand the gravity of such serious situations where taking prompt action is crucial.

3. Our team also deals with insurance companies on behalf of clients and submits a detailed report of its findings after restoration.

4. Our charges for water damage restoration and water damaged carpet repair in Perth are extremely affordable and priced at economical rates.

5. We invest tremendous amounts of money and time on training our restoration experts.


To book an appointment for your water damaged carpet repair for your Perth property, contact Fix Carpet Repair on 0488882315.


1. Is it necessary to replace a carpet after it has become water damaged?

Answer: Only, if the carpet has retained water from more than 3 days. Professional water damage restoration experts are able to salvage your carpets if contacted immediately. Contact Fix Carpet Repair Perth for any water damage emergency.

2. Will the water in my carpets ruin them?

Answer: If you let the water remain inside the carpets for more than 2-3 days, then certainly, the water has the potential to damage your carpets. However, the carpets can be saved from ruin if you contact a professional water damage restoration expert is called in immediately.

3. What is the fastest and easiest way to dry a water damaged carpet?

Answer: There’s no such way, unless you yourself are skilled and certified to carry out the water damage restoration and the required instruments and water extraction tools. It is always easier to let the professionals handle the process so as not to ruin the carpet.

4. How much time does it take for mould to start growing on the carpet?

Answer: It takes anywhere between 1-2 days after the water damage has entered the carpet.

5. What are the common causes of water damage in houses?

Answer: Broken pipes, water overflowing from washing machine, dishwasher, sinks & bathtubs, refrigerators, freezers, etc. are the common causes of water damage in houses.

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