June 8, 2021

Carpet Hole Repair Perth

With time and use, carpets are bound to get damaged and develop holes in them. Repairing carpet holes is necessary to prevent further extension of the damaged area. In such situations rely on Fix Carpet Repair Perth for the best carpet hole repair services. Our expert technicians fix every kind of damaged carpet with their talent and skills.

Things To Do Before Availing Carpet Hole Repair Perth

Although the team of Fix Carpet Repair Perth takes care of your carpet, while we are on the way, there are a few things every carpet owner should do. And, these are:

Separate the Damaged Area

Removing the damaged area is essential for preventing further damage to the carpet. Experts suggest trimming the threads coming out from the affected area in the carpet.

Clean the Damaged Outline

The damaged area in the carpets usually has dirt gathered around. For cleaning the edges of the carpet cut out using detergent is recommended. Using cleaning solvent is necessary for eliminating dust and debris for smoother repair.

Locate and Mark Carpet Damages

Fix Carpet Repair Perth suggests marking the affected area on the carpet so the extent of damage can be recognized easily. Following such small measures helps in saving time for the technicians so the repair work can be executed immediately.

Carpet Drying

If your kitchen or bathroom carpets have developed holes and need repairing, you need to make sure the carpets are dry. Keep the carpets outside for a few hours before the arrival of Fix Carpet Repair Perth.

How Does Carpet Develop Holes?

Being aware of the reasons that cause holes in the carpet is important, as it helps in following precautionary measures on time. Here, we have mentioned the most common reasons:


Carpet easily develops holes after being scratched. So, when you have a pet at home ensure their nails are trimmed properly and timely. The sharp nails of pets and constant scratching lead to severe carpet damage.

Sharp Objects

Homeowners consider using sharp tools on their stained carpets in an attempt of removing them. But, aggressive use of sharp objects often leads to carpet damage and hole development. Seeking professional services for carpet hole repair Perth is highly recommended.

Carpet Stretching

Carpet stretching can damage the fabrics when over-stretched. Frequent carpet stretching quickly develops holes as the fabric breakdowns. Rely on Fix Carpet Repair Perth for carpet  stretching services and hole repair services.

Carpet Wear and Tear

With regular usage carpets often develop holes because of excessive traffic. Being a little gentle with your carpets can prevent hole development.

Why Hire Fix Carpet Repair Perth?

The team of Fix Carpet Repair Perth understands the painful sight of having a damaged carpet. Therefore, through our expert services of carpet hole repair, we give the best looks to your carpet. We provide amazing services and here’s the list of benefits:

• Our services are of the best quality and we cover the remotest area of Perth

• The team of Fix Carpet Repair Perth is experienced, skilled and does the job with perfection

• Time being a valuable resource to us, we make sure to be punctual with our services

• We provide same-day and emergency services all across Perth.

Frequently Asked Questions at Fix Carpet Repair Perth

1. How is the carpet patch fixed?

Answer: There are several methods of fixing carpet patches, and among them lies using carpet tapes. It is a quick and reliable method of fixing carpet holes.

2. Is it fine to use a patch from another carpet?

Answer: Yes. When carpets have similar colors and appearance taking a patch and fixing it to another carpet is the best method of repairing holes.

3. Are you available on weekends?

Answer: Yes. The team of Fix Carpet Repair Perth provides services on weekends and public holidays as well. Feel free in calling us for booking our services.

4. How long does carpet hole repair Perth lasts?

Answer: The time duration depends on the degree of damage done to the carpets. On average our technicians take 1-2 hours for fixing carpet holes.

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