Are you struggling to remove black burn marks from the carpet? Now, you can get rid of these marks easily by following some methods mentioned by us. With time, it is possible for a carpet to become burnt in many places. Because of hot objects, the carpets could become stained. Sometimes, the stains are quite negligible. But, sometimes they look horrible. If you have been facing the same issues, then you should choose carpet burn repair Perth service. Read further to know more about DIY and professional carpet burn mark removal treatments.

Carpet Burn Repair Perth

What Can Cause a Burn Mark on a Carpet?

Before you can actually fix the stain, you need to know the real reason behind them. This knowledge could help you in preventing carpet burns next time. Here is a list of objects that could leave black burn marks on the carpet:

  • Cigarettes
  • Candles
  • Hot Iron
  • Electrical Appliances
  • Vacuum Cleaners, etc.

Why Should You Remove Black Burn Marks from the Carpet?

For one or two burn marks, you can try using DIYs. If your carpet is filled with large or a number of burn marks, you should get help from carpet repairs Perth professionals. Here is why you remove the black spot as soon as possible:

The beauty of the carpets is affected because of black burn marks. Imagine your colourful and expensive carpet having a black ugly patch! Isn’t it sad? Before the carpet gives a bad impression to your guests and customers, get the black stain removed by experts.

When you ignore the burn marks for many years, the carpet becomes horrible. You have to replace such carpets. But, you can prevent the need for carpet replacement by regularly booking carpet restoration Perth service.

How do Professionals Remove Black Burn Marks from Carpets?

Carpet maintenance has become essential for commercial and residential property owners. After all, the lifestyle of a person is reflected in the condition of the carpet. In order to get the blackened carpet treated, you can always reach out to professionals. They can follow these steps to repair the black stain:


Professionals check the condition of the carpet to assess the severity of the damage. Number of burned areas, damage to carpet threads, and many other things are analysed in this step.

Preparing the Carpet for Repair

Sometimes, the carpets are too soiled and dusty. To make them suitable for working, the professionals clean them with a vacuum cleaner.

Removal of Burnt Section

The blackened part of the carpet is trimmed off with the help of a carpet cutter. This is work that requires precision. Only trained workers should be allowed to do this task. Extra or bad trimming could cause harm to the carpet.

Finding a Suitable Patch

Based on the colour, size, and design of the black area, the experts have to find a similar patch. Any discrepancy in the pattern will not give the finest results.

Placement of New Patch

To replace the stained patch with a new patch, double-sided tape is used. One end of the tape is attached to the carpet padding. Another side of the tape is attached to the new patch. Some weight is kept in the sealed area. After a few hours, the setting becomes perfect. With a comb, the experts blend the carpet strands. The final outcome looks excellent when the steps are followed perfectly.

How to Repair Burn Marks without Professional Help?

Services such as carpet stretching Perth, burn repair, and seam repair are there to help you in keeping the carpets safe for many years. There are times when the carpet damage is not severe. It can be treated with a few simple methods. Here is how you can remove the black mark at home:

  • You can make a cleaning solution by mixing 1 part of hydrogen peroxide with 10 parts of water. This solution can easily dissolve the soot particles present on the superficial layer of the carpet.

You need to just apply the solution to the stain. Within a few minutes, the particles will be dissolved. The carpet would look neat and presentable again. In this way, you are able to revive the carpet without spending too much money.

  • If the damage is a bit serious and the cleaning solution does not work, then you need to use sandpaper. Because one side of this paper is rough, it will easily scrub off the black layer within a few minutes. In case there are some black loose threads, then you can use scissors to cut them.

Aren’t these some easy ways to remove the black burn marks? Remember that these methods are effective for mild damage. It would not give results if the carpet has become too damaged.

Are There Any Ways to Prevent Black Burn Marks?

Yes, you can surely save your carpets from burns. Experts suggest these tips to property owners in order to reduce the risk of carpet burns:

  • If you use hair styling tools like curlers more often, then you should be careful. Keep the tool safely on the table.
  • Keep a board on the floor or table before you iron your clothes. Generally, carpets get black marks because of hot irons.
  • If you or anybody at your home has the habit of smoking, then you should be cautious. The ashes could leave black marks on the carpet.
  • Cooking is always dangerous near carpets.
  • Sometimes, the electrical appliances heat up and leave some stubborn black stains on the carpet. Never place any appliance like a heater directly on the carpet.
  • Burning candles or candle wax could also leave black spots on the carpet. So, avoid using them.

Wrapping Up!

If the burn marks have spoiled the beauty of your carpet, then you can follow this guide and keep your carpet spotless for years. The DIY methods suggested by us are quite simple. Moreover, you can take help from carpet repair Perth experts. The experts can follow a proper procedure to mend the burn holes and marks in the carpets. To make an appointment for the same day service, you can contact Fix Carpet Repair Perth.


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