Carpets are one of the most used home décor items. They add a tint of elegance to a room and also provide warmth to your feet. In Australian houses, people have been placing carpets for many years.  But, all of them have faced the challenge of maintaining the carpets. With time, the carpets become damaged. Ripples, wrinkles, and several other problems occur in carpets. Some people prefer to replace the carpets after every few years. On the other hand, some people book carpet stretching Perth service. Both these options are correct. But, it is more profitable to book a professional carpet repair service. Read further to know why.

Carpet Stretching Perth

  • Carpet Stretching is Less Costly

Because of its intricate designs and thick fabric, the carpets are quite expensive. Once purchased, it is not easy to replace it for at least 5 years. Many expenses are associated with carpet replacement. The cost of removing the damaged carpet, purchasing the new one, and then re-installing it could be high.

You don’t have to suffer from these losses. You could simply book carpet repair Perth service. The experts could use the restretching technique to remove the wrinkles and buckles formed on a carpet. In exchange for a nominal fee, you could receive reliable and top-quality service. Isn’t it a profitable deal? So, hire the experts whenever you face carpet-related issues.

  • Stretching Could Remove Ripples

Why replace carpets when you can get the ripples removed with a simple method?  Due to high humidity and reckless shifting of furniture, it is possible for the carpets to become wrinkled. A buckled carpet is not appealing to the eyes. Also, it is not safe for movement.

If your carpet has become wavy or bumpy in a few places, then consider booking carpet repair services like restretching. You can hire experienced workers as they know the correct way of pulling the carpets. Moreover, they are well-equipped with tools. So, you can get rid of carpet ripples by simply seeking help from experts.

  • Carpet Replacement is Time-Consuming

Finding a perfect carpet in the market could be a time-consuming process. In addition, carpet installation also requires lots of time. In today’s fast-paced life, it is not possible for people to replace carpets after every 2-3 years. Instead, you could rely on professionals and get the stretching done for minor repairs.

  • Carpet Stretching Prolongs the Life of the Same Carpet

If maintained properly, you can use the same carpet for around 10 years. But, it could be difficult to maintain carpets in high-traffic areas. Especially, in commercial places such as shops and hotels, the carpets become wavy after a few years only. Carpet replacement is not the only option if you are worried about the safety of your employees or family members. With tools like power stretchers, knee kickers, pliers, and carpet cutters, the experts can restore the carpets. In fact, you would be able to recognise whether the carpet was wavy at a certain place or not. Just make sure that you select trained professionals as they can neatly execute the task.

  • Carpet Replacement is Not a Long-Lasting  Solution

Replacing a carpet can’t be considered a sustainable solution if the lifestyle of people or foot traffic remains constant. Waves, ripples, and wrinkles will form if you don’t shift the furniture properly. Even pets could damage the carpet. By stretching a carpet once, you can still get a solution for years. But, the replaced carpets can become damaged again.

How do Experts Stretch a Carpet?

A machine known as a power stretcher is used to stretch a carpet. The nails in the face of the machine are tucked into the carpet. When the tool moves forwards, it stretches the carpet. Waves, wrinkles, ripples, and other issues are resolved within a few minutes. This might sound easy but it is actually a difficult task. Professionals have to take care of many things before, during, and after carpet restretching.

  • Before stretching the carpet, professionals have to remove all the furniture from the room.
  • The power stretcher must be installed properly. The direction should be fixed carefully.
  • The pressure must be adjusted according to the size of the room and the severity of the damage. Too much or too little pressure could be hazardous for the carpet.
  • The tack strips must be removed carefully. Generally, the carpets become a bit big in size after stretching. Trimming the extra fabric could be difficult work.

Are There Any Problems Associated with Carpet Stretching?

Just like any other method, stretching also has some cons. Firstly, pulling the carpet from one end with a power stretcher could tear the carpet. Secondly, a carpet cannot be stretched more than once. Thirdly, some carpet materials can’t tolerate pressure. So, the decision should be taken carefully. If you want the best results, then you should only hire experienced workers. Moreover, the company should be licensed. In this way, you could get satisfactory results.

When to Replace the Carpet?

Carpet replacement is not that bad option. In fact, it is the best thing to do in some cases. When the carpets become completely torn and damaged, it is better to simply replace them. This situation arises generally after 10 years. To get a better idea, you could seek help from experts. They can provide consultation and inspection services for the carpet. After evaluating the condition, the professionals can suggest whether you should replace the carpet or not.

Is It Necessary to Hire Experts for Carpet Stretching?

Yes, there are several benefits of carpet stretching. But, you need to be careful while repairing the carpets with this technique. It would be better if you hire trained and certified experts. They already have access to a wide range of equipment. With their expertise, they could quickly make the carpet surface even.

Restretching is a helpful method that is used extensively used by professionals. In some circumstances, it is the best decision to book the carpet restoration Perth service. We have also mentioned the case where you can replace the carpet too. Hope this guide would help you in making the right decision. If you want to hire experts, then you can reach out to Fix Carpet Repair Perth.


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