Pets are adorable creatures that stay with their owners in every situation. Their presence in a house is no less than bliss. But, they are a big responsibility. It could be difficult to manage the mess created by them. Homeowners in Australia often face problems because of pets. Cats and dogs often cause damage to carpets. They can tear the carpets from many places and spoil their look. But, don’t worry! You can book carpet repair Perth services from Fix Carpet Repair Perth and protect your carpets from pet damage. Here, you would know more about common carpet problems and their solutions.

Carpet Repair

How do Pets Cause Damage to Carpets?

Carpets should be maintained throughout the year as they reflect the lifestyle of a homeowner. But, pets could spoil the look and reduce the life of the carpet. Here is how pets cause carpet damage:


While playing or in anxiety, the pets can scratch the carpet surface. Sometimes, the strands are pulled out. Moreover, scratch marks are formed on the carpet.


Cats and dogs can chew the fabric of the carpet and destroy the elegance of your luxurious carpets.

Pet Stains

Sick pets could vomit on the carpet. Even after getting trained, they may leave urine stains on the carpets. Such kinds of stains can’t be removed. Professional help is required in such cases.

Some Common Carpet Problems and Their Solutions

If you are struggling to keep the carpet flawless because of your pets, then here you will get some solutions.

Problem 1: Holes and Tears

Pets can be uncontrollable sometimes. Because of stress, anxiety, or excitement, they might tear the carpets. Their pointed nails and sharp teeth could also leave some holes in the carpets. These holes not only affect the beauty of the carpet but also become a threat. People might not be able to make balance while walking. You can prevent injuries by getting the holes and tears repaired.

Solution: If the holes are small, then you can simply use glue to prevent further damage. But, you need to seek help from experts if the holes are big.

Professionals use a technique known as patch repair to mend holes, burns, and tears. This service might be useful for almost every pet owner. In this method, the damaged section of the carpet is removed neatly. Then, the experts take out a patch from a donor carpet. Then, the fabric patch is placed over the damaged area.

Problem 2: Horrible Stains

Pets often urinate on the carpets. Sometimes, they vomit too. Because of these things, the carpets become stained. If not cleaned immediately, the spills lead to the formation of stains. To remove permanent stains, it is essential to hire experts.

Solution: Professionals are trained. They can repair a stained carpet area with ease. Firstly, professionals use carpet scissors and cut the stained section. Next, the specialists use a matching patch to cover the trimmed section. In this way, the stains are completely removed from the carpets.

Problem 3: Pulled Carpet Threads

Sometimes, pets such as cats and dogs pull out the threads of the carpet. They have pointed nails and can ruin the carpet easily. But, these threads could be dangerous. Anybody’s foot might get stuck into the thread. It could lead to serious injury. If you ever find pulled carpet threads, get them repaired by professionals.

Solution: The experts can resolve the problem by putting back the threads together. They can weave them together and glue them with a hot glue gun. If some threads are not required, the experts can trim them as well.

Problem 4: Rippled Carpets

Carpet fabric and padding should be attached properly. In case there is a problem, the pets could pull the fabric. Buckles and ripples could be formed because of pets. An uneven surface is never safe for movement. So, you should book carpet stretching Perth service.

Solution: If your carpet has become rippled because of pets, then you can seek help from certified professionals. They have a power stretcher and knee kicker. They can stretch the carpet in one direction and eliminate wrinkles in no time.

Problem 5: Damaged Seams

While playing, the pets might cause damage to the carpet seams. The joints in the carpeting split and create trouble for people. Before the seam becomes a problem, you should consider booking a professional service.

Solution: It is not difficult for professionals to fix the damaged seams. They can use double-sided carpet tapes to join the carpet pieces with padding. To seal the entire setting, the experts can make use of a seam iron.

Some Useful Tips to Prevent Pet Damage

If you are fed up with the damage caused by pets, then you should consider some prevention measures. Follow these tips and prevent damage:

  • Pay attention to the grooming of your pets. Keep their nails trimmed.
  • Daily vacuuming is essential to prevent significant damage caused by pets.
  • Keep an eye on your pet’s behaviour. If they are sick, anxious, or stressed, then keep them, away from the carpet.
  • If pets love a spot on your carpet, then you can place rugs. This step would prevent direct damage to the carpet.
  • Pet urine stains and vomit stains should be removed right away. In this way, your carpet would stay clean and presentable.

Why Choose Fix Carpet Repair Perth for Pet Damage Repair?

If you are looking for affordable and dependable carpet repair service, then our company can help you. At Fix Carpet Repair Perth, we have a dedicated team that specialises in treating pet-damaged carpets. We work 365 days a year and offer 100% customer satisfaction. Our trained team uses advanced methods and tools to mend the issues created by pets.


Now, you don’t have to put up with the damage caused by pets. You can simply book the carpet repair Perth service and get long-term results at a low price. From stains to tears, the experts can repair all kinds of damage. If you want to save money and carpet condition, then hire the experts regularly. They can inspect the carpet and give a suitable solution.


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