Carpet Repair and Restretching Chittering

There is no need to replace your old, frayed, dirty, and worn out carpets when you can easily get them repaired at a much lesser cost than a new one. We at Fix Carpet Repair Perth have all the carpet repair and carpet restretching for your Chitteringhome. Our services are provided at highly affordable rates. We cater to domestic as well as commercial properties in Chittering.

Fix Carpet Repair Perth is a company that specializes in providing carpet cleaning, burnt carpet repair, carpet torn repair, repair of carpets damaged due to pets and children, carpet hole repair, carpet repair and restretching Chitteringamong other carpet related services. The experience of multiple decades behind us in providing high quality services to our customers. Our technicians are carpet repairing specialists who can deal with damaged carpets and make them looking like new at any given point. Give us a call to get a free quote for the particular service that you require for your carpets. We are available 24*7 for providing assistance to you on your carpet restorations and repair requirements. Our cutting edge machinery helps deliver unbeaten results and a brand new looking carpet. You are just a call away from your free quote for carpet repair and restretching Chittering! We are proud to say that our business works on ensuring 100% client satisfaction.

Services we Offer

  • Carpet Moth Damage
  • Carpets Repair & Restretching
  • Carpet stains
  • Carpet Holes
  • Carpet Wear and Tear
  • Carpet Beetle Damage
  • Carpet Disposal
  • Carpet bubbling
  • Carpet cigarette burns
  • Carpet Plant Pot Stains
  • Carpet joins and pulls
  • Carpet Pet Damage
  • Carpet patches

Carpet Restretching Process

  • The room that has the damaged carpets needs to be vacated of all the heavy furniture that was kept on it. Our technicians will be more than happy to vacate the items before starting the process.
  • In some instances, carpets need to be cut for better results after restretching is done. Also, cutting them also helps in fitting them perfectly after the carpet restretching process.
  • In the last step of carpet restretching, the carpet is glued firmly to the floors with industrial glue. That way the carpets get fitted into the corners and walls perfectly. The carpets can be used normally again once the gluing process is complete.

Carpet hole repair

A hole in the carpet not only makes it look ugly but can also damage the remaining unaffected carpet slowly. Hence it is necessary to hire a professional carpet repair company at the earliest when you spot a hole in the carpet to avoid further damage. The carpet hole repair services are also provided by Fix Carpet Repair Perth for seamless patching and repair.

Carpet seam repair

Carpets become frayed and the edges also look worn out is the appropriate time you need to call in the experts who have correct experience and expertise in repairing it. We also provide carpet seam repair services tour clients in a quick and effective manner.

Carpet wrinkle repair

Wrinkles appearing on the carpet owing to careless installation or placing heavy furniture onto the carpets demand professional expertise for repair. The carpet repair technicians at Fix Carpet Repair Perth are well-versed with a variety of methods require to repair wrinkles on carpets. We deliver quality carpet wrinkle repair and carpet restretching to our Chitteringclients at affordable prices.

Emergency Carpet Repair and Restretching Chittering

We understand the emergency situations that you can face when you require carpets to be repaired or restretched urgently. Hence, we have got a team for Carpet Repairs Restretching Chitteringin place. They are always ready to deliver excellent and trustworthy results while catering to emergency carpet repairs and re-stretching anywhere in Chittering. So, in your carpet emergency, now you know who your best friend is!

Torn carpet repair

Carpets get torn due to the activity of pets, chewing and gnawing by them, and of course high foot traffic. Carpets make or break the look of the interiors of a house. Our carpet repair professionals specialize in repairing and restoring torn carpets. Contact Fix Carpet Repair Perth today for getting your torn carpet repaired.

Wet carpet restoration

Carpets suffer damages due to flooding, storm, pipe bursts, sewage water overflow and other such factors. Leaving such excess water on the carpet destroys its fabric permanently. Hiring water damaged carpet restoration experts can help quelling the damage done to it. We at Fix Carpet Repair Perth offer restorative services effectively once you book an appointment with us! We remove all the water present in the carpet and also dry it properly. Our wet carpet restoration services are available for commercial and residential properties.

Why Choose us?

Fix Carpet Repair Perth specializes in carpet repairs and has expert technicians who can deal with every variety of carpet repair. We have hired advanced carpet repairing experts who provide flawless carpet stretching and carpet repair in an elegant manner.

  • We are a local and insured carpet repair company in Chittering.
  • We hire carpet repair specialists who licensed, skilled, and certified for the job at hand.
  • Our carpet repair and carpet restretching prices for Chitteringand other suburbs are pocket-friendly.
  • We make sure to use government approved tools, techniques and products for carpet repairs and restretching Chittering.
  • We are available round the clock with highly trained and qualified technicians.


Do not ignore the stains, dirt, unsightly smells, wrinkles or any other thing that makes your carpets look ugly. Ring the experts on +61862555846 and get immediate assistance for your carpet repair and restretching Chitteringto make your carpets keep shiny and clean!


1. What causes carpets to buckle or develop wrinkles?

The improper installation and the high foot-traffic that causes wear and tear makes the carpets fold and buckle. That requires carpet restretching to be done for making it look like its pre-wrinkle condition.

2. How much do you charge for carpet restretching for a room?

The charges depend on the extent of the damage and the size of the room. However, our team of carpet repair experts can better answer your questions after an inspection is done. Call us now for a free inspection.

3. Does the carpet need to be cleaned before or after the restretching?

We always recommend our clients to get the cleaning done after the restretching is done. Book an appointment with Fix Carpet Repair Perth today.

4. What can I do to get best results after carpet restretching?

We recommend our customers to vacuum the carpets that need to be restretched beforehand. So it can be free of prior dust and dirt.

5. Do you also provide emergency carpet repair and restretching services?

Yes, we function round the clock and also on public holidays. So give us a call whenever you require emergency carpet repair services. Our technicians would always be at your disposal.

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